Inktober week 5

Days 28 – 31 and the last week of Inktober 2019. The home stretch, a short week, and an opportunity to thank some friends who have been very supportive this month.

Orange post-it notes this week, because it was the next colour in the pile. Special mention for Day 31 where I invited friends to suggest ideas and I did my best to accommodate

Day 28 – Ride

Week 5 kicked off with a ride. I wasn’t sure about this one but my husband suggested this. I loved it and it was a ‘fan’ favourite.

Ride #Inktober2019 Day 28

Day 29 – Injured

I really wanted to do something different for this one. I was avoiding physical injury, thought about mental injury, then went for a bit of a funny take with a childhood game.

Injured #Inktober2019 Day 29

Day 30 – Catch

I was thinking about doing catch a cold for this one, but I am glad I got another suggestion from my husband. Catching a fly.

Catch #Inktober2019 Day 30

Day 31 – Ripe

For the last day of Inktober I wanted to put a call out to my friends on Facebook who have been so supportive throughout the month. I have asked my husband for ideas nearly every day, and a few friends, but this time I put it out to Facebook. I received a pile of suggestions. Some were not safe for work, but a few people suggested similar or same things. I decided to do four drawings (rounding this week out to 7) that covered the majority of suggestions.

Day 31.1 – Ripe

Suggestions were: a picture of a plump cartoon strawberry and a pun. Thanks to Em and Alex.

Ripe #Inktober2019 Day 31.1

Day 31.2 – Ripe

There were two suggestions for a heavily pregnant woman, so I went for a classic. Thanks Peta and Alex.

Ripe #Inktober2019 Day 32.2

Day 31.3 – Ripe

Ripening fruit, particularly bananas and avocados. Thanks Lisa and Sharon.

Ripe #Inktober2019 Day 31.3

Day 31.4 – Ripe

My personal favourite and the most difficult for this week. Cherry Ripe. Freehand typography is not fun. Thanks Damien and Jordan.

Ripe #Inktober2019 Day 31.4

0 days

The last 4 weeks of my drawings:

This is the last week, so no more drawings. Time to give my hand a rest. Time to reflect on the benefits of taking time out draw every day.

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