Microsoft 365 May Weeks 1 and 2 #M365May

Many months ago three people decided to take their 1 day in-person event to a month-long Microsoft 365 extravaganza. Now we are 2 weeks down, 10 days in 33 sessions have been completed.

The last 10 days have been a whirlwind. I am profoundly grateful to my fellow organisers Megan Strant and Loryan Strant, to Mark Powney and Darrell Webster for their immense effort, to our wonderful speakers and to our generous sponsors.

Two key things did not occur to be before embarking on a month long event:

  1. We have full-time jobs
  2. I cannot watch all the presentations live

While I have been fortunate to produce, moderate and attend a bunch of sessions, I can’t get to them all. Luckily they are all recorded and other people have been watching so I know that we have a quality crop of content after only 10 days.

Weekly wrap ups

Hosted by prolific videographer and technology aficionado Darrell Webster the weekly wrap up brings together Loryan, Megan and myself to discuss the week of content an activities.

Stay up to date

Sessions are happening Monday to Friday and some Saturdays. The actions is being reported across our social channels and videos published to our website visit via the REgarding 365 YouTube channel.

Session info and recordings:

YouTube: ‘M365 May 2020′ playlist on REgarding 365

Twitter: @M365May

Facebook: Microsoft 365 May

LinkedIn: Microsoft 365 May #M365May

LinkedIn Group: Microsoft 365 May Connection

Content by day

I am grabbing snippets of content by day and popping them in Wakelet.

Day 1: M365 May Day 1 #M365May on Wakelet

Day 2: M365 May Day 2 #M365May on Wakelet

Day 3-4: M365 May Day 3-4 #M365May #MayThe4th on Wakelet

Day 5: M365 May Day 5 #M365May on Wakelet

Day 6: M365 May Day 6 #M365May on Wakelet

Day 7: M365 May Day 7 #M365May on Wakelet

Day 8-10: M365 May Day 8-10 #M365May on Wakelet


I have learned something new from every session I’ve attended so far. And there are many that I plan to go back to. I hope to be able to watch more throughout the month.

This is what producing a live online event looks like when you do it from the comfort of your own home. Yes, my desk is messy. It always looks like that.

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