Inktober 2021 – Week 4

It’s the end of Inktober which means I have finished 31 drawings. Here is the final week and a bit.

It’s not always easy to get the drawing done. For me, that is the point. That some days the ideas come quick and easy, and others it is difficult, but that every day something is made. The end of the month feels like the end of a project. Looking back having enjoyed the process and being pleased to have created something, along with a little bit of relief that it is done and I can focus on something new.

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Day 22

Open. Inktober day 22.
Woman in a dark room looking out of an open door into the light. Her left hand is on the door frame, her right is shading her eyes. For Inktober day 22. Theme: Open.

Day 23

Leak. Inktober day 23.
Woman sits in a small row boat in an open body of water. Her arms hug her knees and her head is down. The boat has a burst of water leak up in to the air. For Inkotber day 23. Theme: Leak.

Day 24

Extinct. Inktober day 24.
Cartoonish dinosaur with big eyes and a spotty back and tail. Probably a babyish T-Rex. For Inktober day 24. Theme: Extinct.

Day 25

Splat. Inktober day 25.
Tomato is squished (or splatted) on a flat surface. For Inktober day 25. Theme: Splat.

Day 26

Connect. Inktober day 26.
Connect Four game board with a few discs underneath. For Inkotber day 28. Theme: Connect.

Day 27

Spark. Inktober day 27
Angle Grinder is held against a long bar and sparks are flying out. For Inkotber day 27. Theme: Spark.

Day 28

Crispy. Inktober day 28.
Frying pan with 4 strips of bacon. For Inktober day 29. Theme: Crispy.

Day 29

Patch. Inktober day 29.
Two bandaids crossed over one another on a miscellaneous limb. For Inktober day 29. Theme: Patch.

Day 30

Slither. Inktober day 30.
Slithering snake on top of an abstract black triangle. For Inktober day 30. Theme: Slither.

Day 31

Risk. Inktober day 31.
Left foot is balancing on a pole as the right foot steps out onto a tight rope. For Inktober day 31. Theme: Risk.


Inktober was started in 2009 by Jake Parker as a way to improve his own skills and practice.

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I last participated in Inktober in 2019. I did a drawing on a Post It note every day.

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